Friday, May 23, 2008

23th May 2008 (1 month +1 day old)

After keep on giving pressure from Chee Chee's mummy, daddy finally create the Blog for lovely Alfred :-)
Alfred's really hope that daddy will frequently update my Blog as frequent as 'Er Biao Gu' (Chee Chee's Mum) did for Chee Chee.

OK Lah.... Let's Alfred show to everybody how's Alfred life going on for this past few weeks since born.
Day 1:-

Today (22nd April 2008) really is the tough day for mummy. It's really hard and difficult to give birth. Thanks Mum!!! I will remember this day forever.........

Day 2:-

Finally Mummy can hand carry me after born on 2nd day.....

It was unlucky day for Alfred. Doctor Lim said that Alfred was encountered jaundice 'yellow'.......

Day 3:-

Finally Doctor said that today I can going back to Ah Gong & Ah Ma's house with daddy and mummy. Daddy really took a long long leave to help Ah Ma taking care Alfred :-P

Feeling is so good when back to our own house.... Cheers!!!

Full Month (I'm 1 month old liao):-

Time really fly..... Finally I'm already 1 month old now and I really enjoy stayed at Ah gong & Ah Ma's house for 1 month. Really thanks for Ah Gong & Ah Ma taking good care for mummy and myself.

Warning!!! Close Your Eyes !!!
For those Who is under 18, Please close your eye..... 18sx ...... Alfred Shame Shame lah....

Who is her? Let me introduce to everybody, she is my pretty Gu Gu. Nowadays she is very busy with her new house renovation. She will move in to her new house on 1st June. Alfred definitely give Gu Gu an promise.... I will give GuGu a visit during her new house warming party.
Gu Gu also need to prepare 1 room for Alfred to ZZZZzzzzzz....... Okay????

Almost forget to tell you all that, a lot of auntie & uncle said that I'm look similar as Gu Gu when she was young..... hehe.....

Today (23rd May 2008):-

Today, daddy & mummy bring me for medical check up again. It's really a painful day for Alfred..... I cried as lough as I can when Doctor Lim place the 2nd Hepatitis B injection on me!!! Really painful....Man!

Beside that, I'm also need to take this golden opportunity to thanks for all Auntie & Uncle gifts & ang pao. Alfred like those gifts very much...... Thanks!

To prove to everybody that how's much I love my daddy& mummy...... Even though I felt on sleep.... hehe.........